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How Tablet Owners Use Their Device

Tablets may again be the gift that everyone wants this holiday season.  There are new devices coming to stores and several of them are showing innovative improvements.  As a business, it’s not just important to that you know how many people will be buying tablets, you need to know what owners do with their tablets.  This knowledge will help you develop strategies to fully take advantage of tablet technology.

Over the course of a week, tablet owners nationally engage in many activities.

• Nearly two-thirds send or receive email

• 64% get news

• Six in 10 play games

•Over half engage in social networking

• More than four in 10 read books

• Nearly 40% watch movies

• 36% shop

• Just over one in five read magazines their tablets

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers who have tablets love them, many of them have abandoned using desktops and laptops at home in favor of using their tablets.  The fact that some tablet owners are reading email on their devices can impact your businesses. If you are using rich media, make sure your email does not connect to any rich media.  If the links deliver consumers to a page that loads slow or doesn’t load at all, tablet users will not wait around. News and information is a big part of the tablet experience. Leveraging that content can create awareness of your organization.  Social networking is also a major activity for tablet owners.  Remember that your social reputation is very important and you should use every opportunity to build it up and keep it safe.  For more information on how tablets can help you gain new customers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism