How Customers Feel About Holiday Gift Shopping

Some people look forward to holiday shopping all year long.  Then there are others, like me, who avoid going into malls this time of year at nearly any cost.  How consumers view shopping can definitely affect how much they spend and what they buy.  New research is available that gives us a glimpse into how people feel about shopping during the holidays.

• Over a quarter of shoppers say they would rather shop for holiday gifts with others, it makes it more of a social event

• 36% buy gifts for themselves when holiday shopping for others

• Over seven in 10 consumers said they more likely to buy from retailers who offer free shipping

• 44% said they know things will go on sale, so they only buy items that are
on sale

• Nearly one-third of consumers think they get the best deals if they shop late in the holiday season

• Almost 30% believe they will get the best deals early in the season

• 14% expect to use layaway this year

What Does This Mean To You?

There are several ways to leverage these consumer sentiments to bring in more shoppers and create additional sales.
Free shipping has been a key purchase decision factor in almost every holiday shopping study that has been released.  If it is possible to provide it to customers, it is something that would be recommended.  You may want to take a cue from the competition.  If they are offering it, it may be something that draws customers away from your locations.
Make sure that you promote your offers and discounts that you are giving.  Consumers are looking to save money and are hunting for sales.
When crafting your message, utilize phrasing such as “Best Savings of the Season” or “Our Lowest Pricing of the Year”.  Call to action statements like that will move shoppers who may wait till later in the holidays to make purchases.  When marketing your holiday offers, ensure that the vehicles you use are hitting your target audiences.  Do your due diligence and compare these media equally.  Cost per Thousand is an equitable way to measure how efficient the vehicles are.  Ask questions about who they reach as well, this will keep your message focused on your target audience.  For more information on making effective media choices this holiday season, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte


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