Product Video Moves Apparel Purchases

We recently featured information on how consumers seek out and value product-based videos.  When it comes to apparel shoppers, product videos also encourage consumers to make purchases.  A new study looks into the types of video apparel shoppers watch.  As we approach Fall and weather begins to cool off (although here in Central Florida, it seems like that cool will never come), video can help your business maximize your ROI with apparel customers.

• Four in 10 shoppers visited a store or retail web site after watching apparel videos online

• Over one in three consumers watched customer testimonial and review videos

• Nearly 30% watched videos received via email

• Over a quarter watched user-generated videos

• 25% watched videos that appeared elsewhere online or on a TV network web site

• Over 20% watched videos from a professional reviewer

• 16% watched a video that appeared in on-demand content

What Does This Mean To You?

Video ads boost awareness, recall and among apparel consumers, they increase shopping behavior.  Knowing the ways consumers get video and the types they tend to watch can help you fine-tune your message
Email – Utilize your current email programs to deliver video.  With users finding this type of content a value – they are more likely to look forward to and open your email communication.  Make sure that your email falls within regulation guidelines
Social Media – Consumers watch user-generated content.  User generated content videos are a major purchase influencer of millennials (adults age 18-34).  Include user-generated video into your social presences to increase engagement.
Networks – Digital ad networks not only give you great targeting capabilities, they allow you to extend your message across national sites but ensure only locals see the ads.  For more information on how to effectively use video to
get better results, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: eMarketer; Google; Compete


2 responses to “Product Video Moves Apparel Purchases

  1. I liked you article, we are looking to make product videos for all the products on our website, would you say zappos is a good company to follow when it comes to product video especially app real, if not who do you think makes good apparel video

    • Alan – Thanks for chiming in. Zappos is one of the retailers that is referenced as being a leader in product based videos. They content is specifically tailored to the specific shoes that a consumer is looking at. So it becomes more than just a promotional tool – it’s a piece of valuable content that aids in the purchase process. The also have made sure that the video works great on mobile devices – something that will only increase in importance. I also like that they use regular employees in the videos, it makes them more relate-able.

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