What Mobile Content Do Consumers Access?

Mobile is a rapid changing environment.  It seems like on a daily basis that there are new devices available for consumers to purchase, apps for them to use and functionality for them to employ.  Staying up on how consumers are using mobile devices is essential to the success of your mobile strategy.  A new study is out the looks into the types of mobile content that smart phone users are engaging in at least once a day.

• Nearly six in 10 mobile users access the mobile web or their email from smart phones

• Nearly half engage with social networks or get weather information

• Approximately 45% either listen to music or play games

• Nearly 40% download and use apps

• Over 35% send instant messages

• Roughly 30% watch video or get local news

What Does This Mean To You?

Smart phone owners are usually never more than arms length from their device and that the only time they are not aware of their smart phone is when they are sleeping.  There are few devices, other than medically necessary ones, that have that level of interaction.  It’s this dependence that makes them so important to your business.
In Metro Orlando, the top types of content accessed by mobile users are:

• SMS Text/Instant messaging

• Email

• Maps/GPS

• News/Weather/Traffic

• Social networking

All of these types of content can be monetized and be a revenue stream for your business.  The first step is integrating mobile into your overall marketing strategy.  Mobile should work in concert with your other tactics to deliver the results you need to be successful.  For more information on developing a winning strategy, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager


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