Going For Audience Gold

The 2012 summer Olympics is nearly here.  While this is the 30th summer Olympiad of the modern era, this will be the first one where mobile and digital will be major players.  A new study has been released detailing the types of Olympic information people worldwide are interested in and the devices they will be using to get it.

• Worldwide, its estimated that over 4 billion people will watch the Olympics in some form or fashion

• Over a billion of them watch events, get updates or check results through their PC, mobile phones or tablets

• Just over half of US residents plan to watch all or part of the Olympics on TV

• Four in 10 say they will read Olympic coverage in the newspaper

• Almost 30% will discuss the Olympics through a social network

• One in five will consume Olympic coverage through a computer, laptop or tablet

• 15% will catch coverage via smart phone

What Does This Mean To You

It can be hard to gauge interest in the Olympics.  Many times it’s driven by a compelling story, such as Michael Phelps during the last Olympiad or the Dream Team of 1992.  Local tie-ins can also generate a buzz in the games.  But it’s never a bad idea to show your customers how proud you are of our country or our athletes.  You can always use your social media offerings to update customers on event results or medal counts.  Follow it up by using counter displays with the same information.  You can also target your marketing efforts to take advantage of the games.  TV during the Olympics can be far too expensive for many advertisers.  But, with many people looking for coverage in print and digital vehicles, they can be a great place to deliver your message. The Olympics gives you an special two week window to create connections with consumers.  For more information on how to take advantage of interest in the Olympics, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: eMarketer; Deloitte Consumer Review

3 responses to “Going For Audience Gold

  1. Al,

    Good morning. Thanks for you’re article on the 2012 Olympics. Who produced the research piece.

    Interestlngly 50% more adults will read coverage in the newspaper versus
    communicating through social media conversations., 200% more adults will
    go to newspapers for coverage versus computers, ipads, ,laptops.

    265% more adults will go newspapers for coverage versus iphones.

    The above does not include the duplication of newspaper readers that will go to a website through the above technology.

    Just a thought. Hopefully the math is correct. Just wanted to dimentionalize the impact of newspaper coverage.


    Erich Linker
    Digital First Media
    646 571 2152.

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