Smart Phones Are Consumers Information Source

Consumers today rely on mobile devices for many different things.  Smart phones are rarely more than an arm’s reach away and when we become separated from our devices, anxiety sets in.  A recent report shows just how consumers use smart phones to get the information they need.

• Nearly 60% of smart phone owners use their devices to get product information

• Half of device owners look up information o restaurants, pubs and bars  

• Over three in 10 look up travel information

• A quarter of device owners rely on smart phones for their job search

• 18% search for information on apartments & housing

What Does This Mean To You

Just how important are smart phone to consumers? One-third said they would rather give up their television than their smart phone.  If you are not currently mobile-ly optimized, you need to be.  You’ve seen how much your customers depend on mobile devices, doesn’t it make sense for you to put your message in places where they are looking for information?  If your business already has a mobile site, how often do you review the content? Is it up to date? Are the descriptions current and the images clear? The mobile space changes so quickly, there may be functionality available that no only will help you keep consumers engaged but also help you manage your goods & services.  For more information on how mobile can better connect you with consumers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Google – Our Mobile Planet/US

2 responses to “Smart Phones Are Consumers Information Source

  1. This all sounds great until you learn comScore research determined only 39% of all cell phone users own smart phones, and a significant percentage of those users are teens. If that remaining slice of the consumer pie is your target, then an investment in mobile-friendly technology is justified.

    • Carole – Thanks for adding to the conversation and you’re right, many times taking a deeper look at the data is required to make a sound . As far as the smart phone population is concerned, Scarborourough shows that one-third of adults who have cell phone service live in a household with a smart phone. That research is from release 2 of 2011 – Multimarket information from 2012 is not avialable yet. When it is released I’m pretty sure we will see a signifigant jump in smart phone ownership. The 2012 information is available in Orlando at it shows that 43% of adults live in a household with a smart phone including 46% with cellular service. As you pointed out, it all depends on your target audience – smart phone owners are more likely than the market to have higher household incomes, work in white-collar occupations and be planned purchasers of many consumer products from cars to furniture to electronics.
      Thanks again

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