Digital Attitudes of Asian-Americans

In yesterday’s post, we learned just how digitally savvy Asian-American consumers are.  In today’s post, we’ll examine a report on the attitudes of Asian-American internet users on digital devices.

• 64% of Asian-Americans said that the internet has changed the way they spend their free time – that’s 38% higher than overall internet users

• 61% of Asian-Americans stated that the internet helps them book travel

• Six in 10 said they trust information on websites they have heard a lot about

• 55% indicated that it was important for them to have internet access when they are away from home or work

• Over half believe that the internet has changed the ways they shop for products and believe they are using the internet now more than ever for shopping

• Over 30% think they are sleeping less because of the Internet

What Does This Mean To You

Asian-Americans are digitally engaged.  Their heavy use and trust of the internet can mean positive things for your ecommerce programs.  It all starts with a good targeting plan.  What kind of audience targeting are you currently doing? Targeting can take several forms – behavioral, geographic, lifestyle, ethnicity and content targeting are just a few.  Targeting can help you create the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns possible.  For more information on the many different ways you can target audiences, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Emarketer; Experian

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