Who Are Mobile Information Seekers?

In a recent post, we looked at a new study that detailed the activities of mobile real-time information seekers.  These consumers are fully engaged with their mobile devices and are a great target for your business. But, before you can target them, you need to know who they are.

• 70% of all cell phone
users have used their
device to look for real-time information

• Nearly three-quarters of men and two-thirds of women are real-time information seekers

• 70% or Caucasian adults, 68% of American-American Adults and over seven in 10 Hispanic adults are part of the mobile information seeker segment

• 18 to 29 year olds were the most likely to be mobile information seekers – nearly 90% had used their device for that.  But almost half of adults 65+ also used their device to get real-time information

• The higher the household income, the more likely adults are to be mobile information seekers.  Over 80% of affluent adults were part of this group

• Three-quarters of parents used their device to find real-time information

What Does This Mean To You

Your business needs to have an effective mobile presence.  It’s not just something that would be nice to have, it is imperative.  Consumers are using their devices to learn about new products, research brands and make purchases.  They are also using them to find where you are located and to solve problems.
When was the last time you looked at your site on the different mobile platforms?  If your site does not display well, it’s a good bet that consumers will move on to your competitors.  For more information on how your mobile site can help deliver bigger results, please your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Pew Center For Internet & American Life


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