How Consumers Feel About Tablets

Online consumers view their tablets as more than just another device, they
look at them as tools that help them research and purchase products.  A
new study has been released that detailed the attitudes of tablet owning
online consumers.

• Half felt that tablets were ideal to research products before making a purchase

• 50% also used them to research products before making a store visit

• Nearly half said tablets were ideal for browsing digital catalogs

• Over 40% used a tablet to research but made a purchase online via a computer

• 42% said that the ability to see products better on a tablet made them want to shop via the device

• 36% said that the ability to interact via zooming in, rotating and touch for additional info means they will purchase more

• Over 35% said that tablets’ portability means they will purchase more

• More than one in three said that they have downloaded shopping apps

• Nearly 30% use tablets to research while purchasing in-store and they only shop via tablet while away from home

What Does This Mean To You

Tablets give your products and brand the benefit of being viewed on a mobile device but with the aspect of a larger screen.  The visual and portability factors are two of the things that don’t just make it easier for shoppers to make decisions; shoppers say it drives them to make more purchases.  As a business, make sure you are taking advantage of what tablets offer consumers. Alternate views and product information are things that may move people from shoppers to buyers.  But, quality product shots are a must.  If your wares do not look good, your sales will probably be impacted. For more information on how you can increase sales with tablets, please  contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Emarketer; Local Corp; e-tailing group


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