Hispanic Social Networkers

Hispanics are not just the largest minority group on social networks, they are more active on social media than US internet users overall.  In fact, social networking is the number 2 overall online activity among Hispanic internet users.  A recent study looked at the sites Hispanic social media users tend to frequent. The top 5 are:

• Facebook – 79%

• Twitter – 29%

• MySpace – 23%

• Google+ – 19%

• MyLife.com – 4%

What Does This Mean To You

From yesterday’s post, we know that Hispanic consumers are rapidly
becoming mobile-ly centric.  This is true of their social networking habits
as well.  In Metro Orlando, nearly 40% of Hispanic adults access social media sites via mobile device.  As for social networking in general, two-thirds of Orlando Hispanic adults visit social networks and more than one in five spend over 1 hour each day on them.  For more information on how to target and monetize Hispanic consumers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Manager

Source: Emarket; Zpryme


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