Mobile Product Video Engages Consumers

As more and more consumer turn to mobile devices for content, mobile video has become very popular. The good news for businesses is that this affinity extends to product video as well.

• Nearly half of smart phone owners and over 60% of tablet owners have watched a product video in the past 3 months

• 54% said they were more likely to watch a video if the product was complicated. 52% said they would view if this was a first-time purchase and 45% said they would watch if the product was expensive

• 52% said that they were less likely to return items if they had watched a video, 45% said they would likely spend more time on a sight after watching a video and 44% said they felt more connected to the brand after watching the video

• One-third of product video viewers clicked on an email link to see the content.  Nearly half watch them on video sharing sites and almost 40% viewed them via social media

What Does This Mean To You?
As a business you should always be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to engage with your customers and mobile product video looks like something consumers want.  They are not just interested in them they are actively searching them out on sharing sites and watching them.  One of the side benefits is the the fact that mobile product video viewers are less likely to return items and feel a connection to the brand.  The fact they would likely spend more time on sites gives you the opportunity to market more items or increase the amount of engagement you have.  There are many ways you can drive consumers to your mobile product video – email, links off your social media offerings and video sharing links are just a few.  QR codes and SMS messages are also ways to deliver mobile product video to potential shoppers. For more information on how to put mobile product video into the hands of consumers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Invodo


2 responses to “Mobile Product Video Engages Consumers

  1. The stats in the post are really exciting and it shows that how marketers should try to come up with good mobile video content and create brand awareness among their costumers.

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