Top Mobile Shopping Activities

Nearly 85% of U.S. adults own a mobile phone, one in four own a smart phone. Mobile devices have become fixtures in our everyday lives. A new report details just what mobile shopping activities consumers take part in during an average month. Knowing the types of activities they participate in can help you create or modify your current mobile strategy and reach your goals.

• 38% of consumers compared prices via mobile web while shopping in a store

• 38% also browsed products through websites or apps

• Nearly a third read product reviews online

• One in four searched for coupons online

• 22% made a purchase through a mobile device

• Over 20% scanned a QR code for product or price information

• One in six used location based services


What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices are used in nearly every part of the buying cycle. From research to purchase, mobile has become a tool for shopping. When was the last time you took a good look at your online presence through a mobile device? Does your company have a mobile site? It’s important that your site be easily read and navigated across all mobile platforms. Don’t just look at how it displays on an Android or iPhone device, check how it looks on a Blackberry. Also, what is the point of your mobile offerings. Mobile sites and standard sites are used in different ways. Refine your mobile strategy so it’s focused on specific objectives. If you are trying to do too much with your mobile site, it will probably not offer the best user experience. For more information on mobile strategies for success, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Nielsen; The 2011 Scarborough Multi-Market Report, Release 1


2 responses to “Top Mobile Shopping Activities

  1. Mobiles are a necessity nowadays. Each and every person wants to own a mobile. It is no more a status symbol, rather a necessity for better communication.

    • Sarah – Thanks for commenting. You are right but I think they have become more than just devices for better communication. The functionality of smart phones and tablets have made them part of our lives. They are fufilling the roles of everything frm digital babysitter to shopping tool. Companies that have prepared for mobile are in a much better place than those you have not
      Thanks Again

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