QR Scanning On The Rise

QR Codes are a hot topic.  While many people don’t think they are catching on, there is much recent research that points to the increased adoption of the technology.  QR Codes also give you a chance to connect with the hard to reach younger audience.

> From 2010 to 2011, scanning of mobile bar codes increased 300%

> Consumer Package Goods are the top products for mobile bar codes, followed by retail and entertainment products/services

> One-third of consumers who scanned a code were under 25
years old

> 28% were 25-34 years old

> 63% of people who scanned a code were men

> Half of all scans originated from Android devices, 39% came from iPhones and 6% were scanned for a Blackberry

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s true that adoption of QR Codes has been much slower here than in Asia, but the US is still top market for QR Code scanning.  As a business,  you need to make sure that the QR codes you deploy are a value to the person scanning.  Remember QR Codes are just a vehicle for your message.   Just like any other delivery method, an ineffective message will not deliver great results.  Also, make sure you provide a call to action for the consumer – “Scan This For a Great Deal” and ensure your staff is fully up to speed on downloading scanner apps and how to scan.  For more information on how to generate increased interest by way of QR codes and other mobile initiatives, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Scanbuy; Mobile Marketer


2 responses to “QR Scanning On The Rise

  1. Al. Great post! I have been contacting agencies (some major ones) trying to get them to use short link – URLs for QR Codes. Also, “call to action” is rarely used. We have lots of work to do.

    Paul Hem
    Digital Products Manager
    The Blade (Toledo)

    • Paul – Thanks. While QR codes are still in the adoption phase, we need to do as much as we can to encourage consumer use. There was some information out last yer that said the majority a majority of consumers could not define what a QR code was, but over 80% recognized one upon being shown. Much like anything else, you need to give consumers an incentive to act. As far as short links – they just make life easier and less complicated. I’m all for making things easy! Keep up the good fight

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