Curious QR Code Scanners

QR codes are a growing phenomenon and as the mobile space continues to grow, we are likely to see more of them.    There is a new study out that tells us about consumers awareness of QR codes and why they scan them.

  • Half of all smart phone owners say they have scanned a code
  • Just 21% of smart phone owners had heard of QR codes, but over 80% could identify them when shown one
  • Over 90% of the county’s top 100 magazines featured a QR code
  • Curiosity about codes was the top reason why someone scanned (46%)
  • 41% scanned looking for more information
  • 18% were looking for a discount or free gift
  • 16% wanted exclusive content


What Does This Mean To You?

While consumers may not be able to identify the name “QR code”, they certainly aware of what they are and with half of all smart phone owners scanning them; it’s a good bet we will be seeing more of them. There are many ways your business could benefit from using QR codes.  It’s a very easy way for you to direct customers to your mobile site – and the fact we are becoming extremely dependent on mobile devices, that’s a very good thing.  For more information on QR codes and other ways to mobile-ize your business, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Chadwick, Martin Bailey; Nellymoser

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