The Last Word On The 2011 Holiday Season

By now, most of people have put away all the decorations, taken down the lights and have at least thought about hitting the gym to work off all the “celebrating” that was done during the holidays.  In October and early November, there were many studies predicting how retail sales totals would rise and how much of a factor online and mobile would be.  Now the totals have all come in and here are some of highlights from the holiday shopping season.

  • The National Retail Federation predicted holiday sales to rise 3.8%.  They actually finished higher than that, total holiday sales grew 4.1% to over $470 billion
  • Clothing stores/clothing accessory stores and home furnishing stores had a positive holiday season, while electronics stores actually saw a year-over-year decrease
  • Total online shopping jumped 15% over last holiday season and totaled over $37 billion
  • The biggest online shopping period of the year occurred the week ending December 18th – online sales for that week totaled over  $6.2 billion


What Does This Mean To You?

The holidays may be over but your opportunity to capitalize on them is not.  Did you collect email, text or other contact information on shoppers during the holidays?  Re-contacting customers with a special offer or event to draw them back into your stores can help boost awareness and loyalty.  Maybe utilize that information to begin promoting any Valentine’s Day events or President’s Day sales.  Also examine your social media efforts.  If you engaged in a “follow” or “like” campaign, what are you doing with those points of contact? What content are you delivering to them?  This is the perfect opportunity to extend holiday sales and generate loyal customers.  For more information on creating top of mind awareness about your business, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: The National Retail Federation; Comscore; Forbes

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