Social Media And Customer Response

Customer satisfaction is something that every business needs to be vigilant
with.  How you respond to questions and negative consumer experiences can
be a big problem in regards to social media.  Negative reviews and comments
on social networks will only exacerbate a perception of bad customer service.  A recent study shows how unanswered customer questions and complaints affect shopping behavior.

  • Nearly 50% of consumers said they would be far less likely to buy anything from a company with unresolved questions or comments, feeling their comments or problems would likely be ignored as well
  • 39% said they would be less likely to purchase because ignoring customers is a bad sign, but other considerations would play into their purchase decision
  • Just 12% said that unanswered questions or complaints would not affect their decision-making

What Does This Mean To You?

How consumers perceive your reaction to questions and complaints plays a large part in whether they shop from you or a competitor.  It also probably effects if they would recommend your business to others as well.  Ignoring customer reaction can wreak havoc in how your business is looked upon.  Watching your social media entities is very important.  Do whatever you can to resolve customer service issues as soon as possible.  If a customer responds that you satisfactorily fixed a problem, it is likely to overshadow the original issue itself.  Social media can be a great way to engage shoppers and create loyal customers.  Optimizing and monitoring your social sites can nip problems in the bud.  For more information on how to ensure your social networking sites are helping, not hindering, your business, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Conversocial; EMarketer



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