Content That Engages

Yesterday’s post detailed how ethnic communities feel they are not represented or reached by advertising.  Today’s post will focus on content types that engage ethnic communities and will help deliver your message better.

Digital Content Types Ethnic Groups Preferred to View:


  • Music/Music Related: 52%
  • Beauty: 49%
  • News & Information Specifically about African-Americans: 43%
  • Cultural Events: 41%
  • Religion: 39%


  • Food/Recipes: 59%
  • Cultural Events: 58%
  • Music/Music Related: 56%
  • Parenting/Family: 54%
  • News & Information Specifically about Hispanics: 53%


  • Restaurants: 54%
  • News & Information Specifically about Asians: 53%
  • Food/Recipes: 51%
  • Cultural Events: 49%
  • World News: 49%
  • 60% feel diversity in ads shows their uniqueness

What Does This Mean To You?

Ethnic groups can be a very profitable target for your company.  Placing your brand in content they tend to view will help to foster a relationship and create engagement.  Content targeting can extend beyond just web sites.  Sponsoring newsletters and blogs dedicated to preferred content is another great way to develop connections.  For more information on how to build loyalty within ethnic communities, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor


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