Mobile Dollars Doubled April Through December

As we reported in earlier posts, mobile was big over the holidays.  Mobile traffic and sales increased dramatically in November and December.

  • Mobile’s percentage of online sales jumped from 1.87% in April to 3.74% in December
  • 24% of online sales over Thanksgiving came from mobile devices
  • Apple devices accounted for over 90% of non-desktop online sales in December 2011
  • The average sale originating from an Apple device was $123, sales from Android devices averaged $101
  • By mid-December, the average mobile sale was $120 and the average desktop sale was $110

What Does This Mean To You?

A large percentage of consumers embraced mobile shopping over the holidays and recent studies have shown us that they plan to continue shopping via mobile devices in 2012.  The convenience of comparing prices, finding retailers, researching products and looking for user reviews was just the beginning.  Consumers have confidence in mobile security and are moving towards mobile payments as well.  As a retailer you need to make sure your customers have a good mobile user experience.  Compare your solution to your competitors.  Is it as easy to find items? Does your competition offer customers the ability to pay for things on their mobile site?  How easy it is it to connect with a customer service representative?  These are things that consumers are looking for.  Businesses that put their customers’ needs first in mobile solutions will see better results.  For more information on how you can optimize your customers mobile experience, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; RichRelevence


2 responses to “Mobile Dollars Doubled April Through December

  1. Does Orlando Sentinel Media Group offer specific solutions for small/medium businesses for advertising via mobile? I’m curious what you mean by “optimize your customer’s mobile experience.”

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