Shopping Via Tablet Over The Holidays

Recently, we featured a post on tablet shopping over the Black Friday weekend. Now, there is a study detailing how prevalent shopping on tablets will be  through the entire holiday season. In fact, nearly 90% of tablet owners plan to use their device to shop during the holidays.

  • Tablet shoppers are predicted to spend an average of $325 with
    the device
  • Half will browse the clothing category, 38% will buy clothes with their tablet
  • 38% will also buy toys
  • 33% chose to shop on the tablet because of it’s convenience
  • 24% preferred to use tablets because of the user experience
  • Over half of tablet shoppers consider themselves “savvy shoppers”, 14% see themselves as spontaneous shoppers and just under 10% describe themselves as luxury spenders
  • Over half of male tablet shoppers think they will spend $200-$500 while using the device, under 40% of female owners thought they would spend between those amounts

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers aren’t just making purchases on their tablets today; it’s something they plan to do in the future as well. Nearly half of tablet shoppers plan to use their device more next year for shopping. Just 19% of smart phone owners plan to use their phones more for shopping. Tablets are a great environment to display everything you have to offer. In-app ads, search and even mobile email are terrific ways to get tablet owners to shop on your site. For more information on how to get better results with tablets, please contact:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; ZMags


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