Socially Responding To Shoppers

Earlier this year, we had a post that talked about how consumers expect feedback through mobile devices. Dealing with customer complaints has always been important – the emergence of social media has made them extremely important. Bad reviews can impact your bottom line.

A recent released survey showed that only about of third of executives think
their customers comment or complain about their products & services through social media. Even if it is just a third of customers (I think the executives surveyed are underestimating how their customers are use social media), that means there is a great deal of negative information about your business and your products.

The survey also showed how companies are using social media to respond to
customer feedback:

What Does This Mean To You?

Nearly one in six companies hardly ever respond to FaceBook comments and almost 30% virtually ignore Twitter feedback. Just because comments or complaints originate socially is not a reason to not respond. In fact, because they are social in nature means that they have openly complained and their friends and followers have already seen it. Also, they will probably share the fact that the company did nothing to remedy the situation.
Comments, even negative ones, are a great way to engage consumers and increase loyalty. Everyone makes mistakes and a peace-offering to a customer can lead to a positive message that they share with their friends. This is just one part of social media management; does your organization have a strategy for social media? For more information on how to make social media work for you, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: EMarketer; MarketTools


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