Consumer Interest in Mobile Loyalty Programs Is Growing

Today’s economy has consumers looking to save money wherever they can.  The rise in mobile technology is helping people conserve cash and is opening many ways for you to connect with prospective customers.  A recent survey showed that just 9% of respondents said they were being marketed to by their favorite brands via mobile devices.  Mobile loyalty programs are a great format to engage consumers and turn them into loyal buyers.

  • 12% of consumers participate in mobile loyalty
  • 33% said they would interested in participating
    in them
  • Three-quarters of consumers said they see value in
    mobile loyalty clubs
  • 59% of smart phone owners have interacted with a
    brand on their mobile device
  • 33% of mobile users indicated they would be
    interested in receiving offer based on time & location

What Does This Mean To You?

Over 90% of consumers haven’t been mobile-ly marketed to by
their favorite brands.  The amount of time people spend with mobile devices and the fact that they are willing to engage with companies on mobile devices gives your business an incredible opportunity. For more information on how to harness the power of mobile consumers, contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: HipCricket, Mobile Commerce Daily

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