Why Consumers Don’t “Like” Brands

Just because consumers “Like” a brand, doesn’t give you carte blanche to market anything and everything to them.  For a snapshot into do’s and don’ts of
marketing to your followers, it’s good to look at the reasons why people don’t
“Like” brands.

  • Over 50% of social networkers don’t want to be
    bombarded with ads or messages
  • 45% don’t want to give companies access to their
    person information
  • Roughly 3 in 10 don’t want things pushed into their friends newsfeeds or want companies to contact them through social media
  • Approximately 20% don’t want to impose their views on others or see any benefit in “Liking” a brand on FaceBook

What Does This Mean To You?
Once you have a consumer “Liking” you on FaceBook or following you through other social media, you should not abuse that privilege. Over 35% of social media users disengage with brands after a short time because they don’t see a value or the feel inundated with messages.  By optimizing your social media presence you
can increase loyalty and drive consumers to your locations. For more information on how to engage customers through social media, please contact
your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative, or:
Al Fiala

Source: EMarketer; Exact Target


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