Why People Like or Follow

In many past posts we’ve talked about people who “Like” brands on
Facebook & Myspace or Follow brands on Twitter.  A new study gives
some insight into why people engage brands through social networks.

FaceBook/MySpace                                            Twitter
•  37% are looking for special deals              •  44% are looking for special deals
or offers                                                                 or offers
•  32% because they are already                    •  24% because they are already
consumers of the brand                                     consumers of the brand
•  18% are looking for interesting                 •  23% are looking for interesting
content                                                                  content
•  6% have friends who are friends               •  6% who have friends who are
fans of the brand                                                 fans of the brand
•  5% are looking for service, support          •  4% are looking for service support
or product information                                     or product information

“Liking” or Following has a big impact on consumers purchase patterns as well

•  Over 60% of FaceBook/MySpace users and nearly three-quarters of Twitter users purchase brands they “Like” or Follow

•  62% of FaceBook/MySpace users and two-thirds of Twitter users recommend brands they “Like” or Follow to friends & family

•  70% of consumers say online experiences have determined whether they bought a product or service

What Does This Mean To You?
Online experiences go a long way in determining whether a person buys
your goods & services.   Social media optimization can bring you results
and cultivate  loyal customers.  For more information on how you can
create engage customers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media
Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: EMarketer


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