Mobile Gaming Expected To Grow

Smart phones technology continues to create new ways for you to get yourmessage in front of consumers.  A recent survey from ABI Research shows that mobile gaming is latest to be poised for big gains.

  • Currently, 50% of people surveyed under 40 played  a game on their handset
  • 20% of people over 40 played mobile games
  • In 2011, $5 billion is revenue was derived from mobile gaming
  • By 2016, mobile gaming revenue is expected to grow to $16 billion
  • In app purchases account for 1/3 of revenues today, it’s expected to grow
    to one-half in the next 5 years.

What Does This Mean To You?

People are not just playing mobile games; they are spending money while playing them.  Mobile gaming can give you added awareness, increased engagement and a revenue stream.  For more information on how you can see results from this latest mobile trend, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: ABI Research


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