Friends Are More Important Than Experts

In social media, “friends” have a greater influence than experts in making product decisions.

Online voices that have the greatest influence on product decisions:

  • Facebook friends & people in your social circle – 55%
  • People who you may not know, but have similar interests – 55%
  • Experts – 51%
  • Online “Friends” who you don’t know outside social media but follow – 39%
  • Brands – 38%
  • Retailers – 35%
  • Influential bloggers – 26%

What This Mean To You?
It’s obvious how much customers rely on other users for insight in making purchase choices.  What are you doing to promote your social presences and capitalize on “likes” and followers?  These are powerful resources in your marketing arsenal, and you need to market them to monetize them. Remember, 75% of people who “liked” a brand did so because of advertising.  For more information on how your social messaging can be more effective, please contact your Orlando Sentinel media Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: EMarketer, Compete


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