Social Media Becomes An Anywhere Option

Consumers are taking their social media activities with them where ever they go.
Currently, 40% of teens & adults are using social media applications on mobile devices.  That is an increase of 28% in just the past 6 months.
Social Networkers:

  • 27% use  social media applications to check or compare prices
    via mobile devices
  • 24% use social media applications mobile-ly to check reviews for brands/places/services
  • 16% use social media applications on mobile devices to find coupons
    or discounts

What Does This Mean For You?
Mobile devices have expanded the use of social media – meaning more users and these users are using more functions.  You need to respond to these trends.  We can help you clients optimize your mobile and social network identities.  For more information on how to increase the effectiveness of your social offerings, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

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