Hispanic Influence Grows Online

The Hispanic community is not just growing in population, it’s also growing as
an online segment.

  • Nationally, 63% of the Hispanic population is online
  • By 2015, that number is estimated to grow to 73%
  • The number of Hispanic adults on line is growing 4x faster
    than other groups
  • Hispanic consumers are twice as likely to open email ads
    and 33% more likely to open online ads than non-Hispanics

 What Does This Mean To You?
New technologies are influencing purchasing patterns of all consumers, including the Hispanic community.  The 2011 Scarborough Report, Release 1 shows us that there are nearly 500,000 Hispanic adults in Central Florida and nearly 80% have internet access.  This is a consumer group that should not be ignored.  Also, they are more likely than other groups to act on digital ads.  For more information on how you can better connect with Hispanic consumers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau


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